Gammal är äldst / With age comes wisdom.

The Nobelprize concert in Stockholm last night was conducted by the Swedish conductor Herbert Blomstedt. In the age of 92 he entered the stage and conducted must of the concert without the score / partitur in front of him.

A whole life In the spotlight on stage, facing the audience who recognize his work at the end of every concert.  

This particular evening Mr Blomstedt was to conduct the Royal Stockholm Philarmonic Orchestra to recognize and celebrate this years Nobel Prize laureates. Amongst them, Professor John Bannister Goodenough who receives the prize for his work within the area of lithium batteries. 

Professor Goodenough recieves the prize in his age of 97 and he has no thought of stop working. And it seems to be the same with Mr Herbert Blomstedt.

Thank you for your patience and contribution to science Professor Goodenough and thank you Mr Blomstedt for a fantastic concert in tribute to the distinguished laureates of the Nobel Prize 2019.

Once again i can conclude that age is just a number, nothing else.

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Stefan Sladden Eng

Author: Stefan Sladden Eng

Stefan Sladden Eng har arbetat i mer än 35 år i Rese- och Flygindustrin. Han har en passion för grafisk design och att skriva och har tidigare bloggat i eget namn. Stefan skapade Krö i Oktober 2018 som ett hobbyprojekt vid sidan av sitt arbeta som Globalt ansvarig för "Beyond Air" lösningar i Amadeus Travel Platform.

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